Non-Executive Chairman of Volta - on the Management and Directors page of Volta's site, is now listed as

'a retired investment banker'.  This is a very recent change in status, as less than a month ago he was listed as a VP of Mining and Metals at Standard Chartered (or something roughly to that affect).  Now, bio says:

Mr. Bogden is a corporate director and a retired investment banker with over 30 years of experience in the mining industry advising in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and debt and equity capital markets transactions. He concluded his banking career in 2012 as Vice Chairman, Metals & Mining, of Standard Chartered Bank after the successful sale of Gryphon Partners Canada where he was a co-founder and Managing Partner.....

So this could mean nothing at all, or it could clear an obstacle for Standard Chartered to finance Volta at some point in the future, by removing a possible conflict of interest.