At the end of Oct 2011 they had $1.75M cash; end of Jan 2012 $611K and end of April 2012 $78K so my guess is that they are now out of cash.

From their April 30 MD&A:

"The Company has suffered recurring losses from operations and currently the revenues do not generate enough cash to sustain its operations. Its ability to conduct operations, including the commercialization of its technologies, development of new technologies and the acquisition of additional technologies is dependent on its ability to raise funds as needed.
At April 30, 2012 the Company had $77,655 in cash and cash equivalents, a decrease of $4,128,938 from
$4,206,593 cash and cash equivalents available at April 30, 2011. The consolidated working capital was
$(2,704,670) at April 30, 2012, a decrease of $5,191,734 from $2,487,064 of consolidated working capital at April 30, 2011. The decrease in working capital mainly resulted from the decrease in cash."