Hey Almostretired,

I am long term investor in ZMS and stick by my guns that this stock will do very well over time. I unfortunately can not comment on the rational of invetors deciding to pull the sell trigger.  The market has been very volitle and considering how most gold stocks had a 50% hair cut in the last few weeks Zecotek has weather the storm fairly well. Am I happy the shareprice is floating in the high 30's? Not one bit!  Some of the selling pressure definately would be related to the lack of substantial news or updates on progress on the companies monitization roll out.  It would be great to hear how things are progressing with the lawsuit or with the Laser and 3D divisions.  I strongly believe in the companies technologies but management does need to be more forthcoming with keeping its shareholders updated.  Although the news on the 3D patents is good news and very important for the company most investors are looking for more substanital news that would relate to monitization.  You need to stimulate a stock with news flow or the momentum goes cold and investor will move their money to stocks with more immediate gain potential.  I am hoping that we hear some strong developments soon from management. I have patience but many investor do not.

hope this helps in any way, feel free to reply and bounce ideas around.