thanks All-in-one for that great wealth of information on Zecotek.  Zecotek is being recommended by some very highly respected industry leaders in the technology space.  Its not a matter of "IF" with Zecotek, its a matter of "when" Zecotek becomes a leader in their respected  technology divisions. Market conditions have created what I consider a gift for investors looking to buy into Zecotek. The companies patent portfolio alone is worth more than todays current market cap.  Zecotek is paving the way of the future in a high demand Billion dollar tech industry. The're patent protected cutting edge tecnologies put them ahead of the current market space competiion in all 3 divisions. Once the deals and orders start to roll in, this company has the real potential to boast a market cap valued in the multi-millions and given time the billions.  Once one major deal hits the wire the market will wake up as see the true brilliance that is Zecotek. The diamond in the rough.