Very happy to see the news regarding the halt this morning– It’s Zecotek’s first ever halt!


I’m not going to even speculate as to what it’s about because ZMS has so much going for it right now


In case you didn’t know or you want a refresher of what Zecotek is all about:


Zecotek develops leading-edge photonics technologies and products for commercial and research applications in the medical, materials processing, bio-science, high-energy physics, research, multimedia and security industries. The Company operates three distinct divisions: Imaging Systems, Laser Systems and 3D Display Systems with labs located in Canada, USA, Singapore and Russia.


Zecotek is a research and development intensive company that has yet to realize its full potential. The company has invested over $25 million into its technologies, and currently owns title to or controls more than 55 patents and applications. The company is actively involved in mergers and acquisitions, and plans to secure additional licensing contracts, joint ventures and strategic alliances with industry leading OEMs and distributors.


Technically speaking, Zecotek is very bullish. The average volume has doubled in the past month, and new 200-day highs have been reached. Last week the MACD line crossed the zero and signal lines, and the 50-day MA crossed the 200-day MA setting up what I believe to be the next breakout.


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Watching and waiting eagerly,