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Zecotek Photonics Inc V.ZMS

Sector: Healthcare | Sub-Sector: Medical Devices
Alternate Symbol(s): ZMSPF

Zecotek Photonics, Inc. is engaged in the creation of advanced materials and optoelectronic devices for high resolution medical imaging, optical precision surgery and biopharmaceutical research.
Price: $0.69 | Change: +$0.01 | % Change: +1.47%
Volume: 36,000 | Day High/Low: 0.70/0.68 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.97/0.31

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5 stars

Sensio Technologies

now thats a great 3D stock...already has contracts with major tv manufacturers....zms is late to the game....BB28  rate and reply
0 stars

Was McWhirter in on it?

You guys make it sound like ZMS was running a repeated hustle are you thinking McWhirter was in on it ?  I highly doubt it So then you must be saying McWhirter is stupid Which I disagree with Lol I...read more
1 star

If we do not get any good news soon or any SP support from

management,institutions or new longs, today's company chart will look bullish compared to what it will look like in 60 days from now: http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/quote/v.zms/zecotek-photonics...read more
1 star

Our CEO should give the example and buy more ZMS shares!

If he believes in the future of his own company,he should be buying shares NOW while the price is right!  rate and reply
3 stars

RE:RE:RE:Why I won't ever buy ZMS is not about $

The CEO options himself those shares regulary and his salary for a pre revenue company is in excess of half a million a year plus the standard perks.  rate and reply
1 star

Without news or support,ZMS will be trading @ .50 real soon!

EOM  rate and reply
1 star

RE:and if you are daytrading Zecotek,just keep on doing your...

disagree...,,,no reason why stock couldnt have been supported...day traders or not......people justt fed up with all the delays with news .....2 days ago a bid showed up ffor 266k shares , it got...read more
1 star

and if you are daytrading Zecotek,just keep on doing your...

thing which is to make money anyway you can..You guys are so good at it that the end result is a company SP going from .97 to .68 in less than 2 months....I call it stealing money from the longs...read more
1 star

RE:RE:Why I won't ever buy ZMS is not about $

if your short, good luck.  if you are long, stop comlpaining and sell.  The CEO owns over 10 mil shares. I'd say he cares more about the value of the shares than his salary. just saying!  rate and reply
3.5 stars

RE:Why I won't ever buy ZMS is not about $

Finally a voice of reason....some people are getting rich off this stock and it isn't the shareholders...BB28  rate and reply
3.5 stars

Why I won't ever buy ZMS is not about $

I don't like that the management has collected millions and millions while producing zilch for shareholders. Somehow they always have a reason out there in cycles that new shareholders see the...read more
4 stars

The Penny Pinchers are back!

EOM  rate and reply
1 star

RE:RE:RE:Legal case

Yawn, you don't say. zzzzzzzz  rate and reply
3.5 stars

RE:RE:Legal case

You should be laughing at yourself !!! Of course they have minimal sales, their technology was stolen and used to generate sales for other companies. Wake up, the market cap of the company is 70-odd...read more
2.5 stars

RE:Legal case

300 million for a company with 2 million in sales of crystals lifetime, really?? lol  rate and reply
0 stars

Legal case

I find it funny when people say the judge should be fired. Yes the case is taking a long time and yes it is boring and yes it leaves the price of shares languishing for want of any information...read more
0 stars

RE:things are moving along.....

...this judge should be fired,,,totally useless.....hearing was 10 mths ago.....what a joke....the system encourages crooks to force things into court (or hearings) that take eons to resolve...read more
0 stars

things are moving along.....

but the judge hasn't come to a decision as yet.  It's not like the company is standing still.  A lot of work is going on behind the scenes.  Talked to Micheal.  rate and reply
4 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:Short position for ZMS as of April 15 2014

Most of the buyers were daytraders...Right now,there is nothing interesting for these guys to jump in...Longs will take position when the company releases good news,daytraders will then jump in and...read more
0 stars

RE:RE:RE:Short position for ZMS as of April 15 2014

i wonder where all the buyers have gone????  rate and reply