outtahere - you totally miss my point. I'm wondering about the disparity between GPH and ZEN in terms of Market Cap - if all the pumpers of ZEN understood anything about the most basic underlying economics of graphite then why would they not be loading up on GPH. I', not against ZEN in any way but if the same metrics the pumpers used here were applied to GPH then either ZEN should be valued at around $0.50 or GPH should be way north of where it is now.

If you consider grade, purity, depth, tonnage, potential for expansion, proximtiy to transportation, jurisdiction ... GPH matches or comes out ahead on every point. What it lacks in terms of the purity (which is in no way ascertained yet) it more than makes up for int he other points... by a huge margin.

It seems obvious there is a major pump on for ZEN. And when confronted with it the pumpers resort to a flood of posts insulting anybody questioning them ... to the point where you have a completely disfunctional BB just like ZEN's