outtahere58 wrote: 'Christ ! you spell worst than me !
Chief wrote: 

 I have not owned ZEN since and still do not. Technically its due for a bounce. Fundamentally I think there are problems and not good ones. Do I have proof of that? No, but Spidey has been good to me. I get a tingling when I see stocks move that warns me something is not quite right. I am getting that same feeling even now with ZEN. So ZERO ZIP NADA will I hold.     

Sorry sport. Do not believe you ond litle bit. Last time I believed you you were teling everyone here you had not sold a sngle share - Nada.  That was a  year go when you were publicly pushing $8 plus for Zen to mintain a high proce mrker for all the shares you were secretly dumping.

So how many folks on TCC did you get to dump ther shares with your latest cal for $1.50. And by the way, how is it going with your US buddies and your ttemt to buy up Cliffs shares at that bargain basement price? Do your TCC folks know what you are up to?

If you rely do not hold any shares, why are you till posting here - this i  Zen bullboard, not a Dennis selp promo site - you have TCC for that,

As for your spidey sense, you might want to get that checked - you think something is wrong with Zen, despite all the facts to the contrary, yet  you are promoting CCB as the next great investment, despite all the many holes in its story and the absence of an actual recource.

I supposed I cn understand your twisted logic if your goal is to manipulate a stock to make trading dollars (though so far that is not woking with CCB is it?) But it sure sucks the big one as advice for long term investors.