Goodspeculatior wrote: You have a very selective memory Chief  as what I quoted was based on what you have previously predicted   and what you have posted recently. 

Not really. My prediction was $1.83 ever since the PEA was delayed and CLF was selling.

The number before the good doctor was supposedly going to wow the world was $4.50 with a run as high as $6.40 if he released some good info. No one thought he would read AEs presentation and do literally nothing else.

Now if you wish to challenge this, I would suggest you look back in my posts because I sure am not going to to satisfy you. You do the work and prove my memory is selective Otherwise its just your memory failing.

When the stock was 3.30 I warned that Mackie had pulled their support and $2.83 was likely. They did pull and CLF sold the stock through the $3.00 margin call and it hit $2.75 and rebounded $2.96. I then said that I had heard CLF was selling out and the likely spot was $2.50 for a cross low would be 2.44 and I had a bid at 2.54 (at that time CLF had not posted their sells on insider trading)
At about $2.65 the insider report was posted and ZEN delayed the PEA, I pulled my bid at 2.54 and sold my stock predicting that if 2.22 went the stock would drop to 1.83

I have not owned ZEN since and still do not. Technically its due for a bounce. Fundamentally I think there are problems and not good ones. Do I have proof of that? No, but Spidey has been good to me. I get a tingling when I see stocks move that warns me something is not quite right. I am getting that same feeling even now with ZEN. So ZERO ZIP NADA will I hold.