Like many others on this site, I have BF on ignore so am only seeing the responses to his latest rantings.  I moved to Trading Chief several months ago after becoming increasingly disillusioned with all the nonsense that posters put here.  It is a fantastic site, not only for well-informed discussion, but also the friendly nature and banter among members, who discuss a wide variety of issues.
 Chief was urged to ban Battleforest (who posted under different aliases, contrary to the rules of TCC) by many members. We were glad to see him banned because he not only failed to contribute anything valuable to the discussion - pretending to be Chinese and talking in stupid phrases - but was also incredibly rude to members. Name-calling and being rude and vindictive is not a part of TCC. I have incredible respect for Chief and rarely disagree with him, but Battleforest's behaviour is not like that of a child, it is more like that of a sadly very disturbed adult.
I urge anyone fed up with all the nonsense here to put BF on ignore and take a look at Trading Chief. Whilst it is free to post and read much of the information there, becoming a member has been the best $20 a month I have ever spent in the whole of my life.