Not a matter of relying or not relying on posted BB posts .It is a matter of potentially illegal interference by an individual against another individual in a commercial transaction and the resulting financial loss due to that infererance, that is the crucks of the argument.

Look, Patrick, you brought up the issue of fiduciary responsibility, and I showed it has no relevance to the argument you're trying to advance. And now I will show that the interference must actually be illegal, not "potentially illegal", as you assert.

In Posluns v. Toronto Stock Exchange, Justice Gale of the Ontario High Court of Justice wrote:

"(W)hile some of the judgments are not susceptible of easy interpretation, perhaps because in many instances they were so elaborate, and others give the appearance of irreconcilability, there can be no doubt that our law recognizes as tortious any unjustifiable and unlawful violation of economic interests which causes harm."
More recently (1998), Justice C. of the Ontario Supreme Court used these words in 671122 Ontario Ltd. v Sagaz, at ¶61:

"(T)here is a tort in the Canadian common law which I shall call the tort of unlawful interference with economic relations. The elements of the tort of unlawful interference with economic relations are: (1) the existence of a valid business relationship or business expectancy between the plaintiff and another party; (2) knowledge by the defendant of that business relationship or expectancy; (3) intentional interference which induces or causes a termination of the business relationship or expectancy; (4) the interference is by way of unlawful means; (5) the interference by the defendant must be the proximate cause of the termination of the business relationship or expectancy; and (6) there is a resultant loss to the plaintiff."


Now, Patrick, stop trying to act like a lawyer. You are right about one aspect of your assertion, you can sue somebody for whatever reason you choose. But winning your suit will require you to meet the precedents established in law. Good luck with that! And good luck with the countersuit that will result from your attempt.