Zenyatta... Off to the Races !
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Dear Readers,


I wanted to give you a heads up that this exclusive write up on Zenyatta was just published onEquities.comhttp://editorial.equities.com/commodities/one-resource-stock-bucking-the-trend/. The last article "Shake N Bake" we posted had about 1500 reads with an average of 6 minutes on the page(versus the normal 2 minutes)! The commentary will be going out to their newsletter email list before the market opens. Also, welcome to our new subscribers, this article will give you a good briefing on what has been/remains our top pick: Zenyatta Ventures.


The ZEN chart posted in the article is from today and it looks quite good. In fact, tomorrow could be an official reversal of the recent pullback/consolidation that starts another new uptrend. I think another few successful drill holes and many investors who have been on the sidelines will no longer be able to resist buying shares. I have had some feedback that some of you have scaled back on your holdings during this recent pullback. Personally, as of today, after buying more stock during this consolidation, my ZEN position is larger than it has ever been. Here's an excerpt from a note I put out in February called "Are You a Winner or Loser":


"I believe most investors want to lose money and act accordingly. I used to be there but believe I have changed subconsciously to win in life and in the markets, which is quite important when it comes to investing. Don't believe me? Well, you would be shocked to learn how many people "had" to sell Zenyatta and take profits just because it was up! Then when it went higher-bought it back....and are probably now selling it in this pullback. Some people can't handle making massive amounts of money and if they get it temporarily, it vanishes to the level they have spiritual/mental capacity to steward it without destroying themselves. "


Well, what can I say.....people are free to do what they wish! But, I hope most of you have held and/or bought more before the next leg up occurs. I've mentioned before I would be more likely to take some profits between $4-5 on ZEN to buy other ravaged mining shares. That's still my plan and, thankfully, most of those mining shares I have my eye on have gotten even cheaper with gold/silver getting smoked the last few days. And yes, I said thankfully. I like buying things as cheap as possible! 


I plan on putting out a full analysis of the gold/silver/mining stock markets shortly and we'll address what is possible for the prices, and what our strategy is going forward. 





Eric Muschinski

Gold Investment Letter


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