Here is my take on what will be happening...some has already been referred to in previous posts. I guess as chief says, better get used to the hyping and the bashing as we see in full evidence on this board with the sky is falling crowd. Should see some anticipation build before PDAC which will continue moving our share price up. I think people know that the ZEN booth will have plenty of action in addition to Aubrey speaking at various functions. The ZEN team will be out in full force. I would release the drilling program just before PDAC or during. There is another boost for news starved ZEN watchers and hopefully some drilling and dollars set aside for the 2 other pipes. It would also be timely and great to see some news about the number of Warrants that got converted and how much $$$ in the treasury. There is another boost to keep momo going . And finally , the PDAC members and visitors will be reeling from the kick in the groin that gold and junior gold plays got in recent few months; Gold and silver are out right now until gold bottoms which is still in the process of doing apparently, so alternatives will take the limelight like Uranium and AMW and of course , one of the hottest sectors, Graphite, and that's where ZEN comes in. Taking an alternate route here and as opposed to estimating tonnage and grade etc which I leave to the experts, my focus here is events and possible news which affects Momentum. I'm highlighting of course all the positive potential news and haven't estimated some curve ball and the constant bashing which is out there now that we have peoples attention. I think, based on the aforementioned , that Chief's estimate of around $2.50 in the next few days is conservative and that's his nature. I see us over $3.00 after PDAC . I can see us consolidating around that level until the drilling gets near and as some other poster mentioned, then starts the share price increase based on anticipation. Hey folks, this is all just for some fun. When your not an expert in the technicals and the different mining parameters , you start gravitating towards the hypothetical.