Million$man  Do yourself a favour and do at least 1 hour of due diligence on this company.  There is not going to be a PP for the foreseeable future.  Read the past three News releases to understand the number of outstanding warrants situation.  The company will IMO have more than $14m in the bank b4 June 23 2013.  Do you even read this BB or just post.  There has been  enough info placed on this BB for you to know without a doubt that there will not be a PP.  Again do some DD.  You will find that the PP was done on the IPO back on Dec. 23 2010.  If you did not get in then, well like me you will have to get along without warrants.  This is not to say there will never be a PP in the future, but when it comes it will be a a much higher share price than we are at today and as a result the dilution to existing shareholders will be minimal.

Again do some DD.  You will like what you find.