Man people like beating this thing to death, especially people that do not know what they are talking about. The idea is to plant the seed of doubt. So rather then argue any of them. Just say "Is Sri Lanka a Vein Graphite Deposit? If they say yes, then show them this from the same NR they are quoting for our "vein type"

Globally, the only graphite mines of this type are located in Sri Lanka, which have been in production since 1847. The current high grade, underground mining operations produce only 5,500 tonnes annually from narrow (5-10cm) veins. Despite the lack of volume, Sri Lankan 'vein-type' graphite has enjoyed great demand due to its unusually high purity and unique physical properties. Graphite veins are quite rare and in many industrial applications offer superior performance due to higher thermal and electrical conductivity.


Aubrey has addressed this a million times. We are a vein Graphite deposit. Vein Graphite is not a type of Graphite. It is a shortened form of a geological descriptor for Graphite found in veins. To geologists and anyone that is familiar with Graphite. We have Graphite of the "vein type" as Sri Lanka has. Which means its a Graphite deposit where its graphite is in veins. Veining in Graphite deposits are known to be more pure and have different thermal and elecctrical conductivity compared to Graphite that is found in bulk. So when some one says "ya but this is not a vein deposit, its a vein type, show them this message.

Sri Lanka is a "vein type deposit" but for slang usage its a vein deposit, the same as we are.