Playing with words here doesn't diminish  how huge this find is.

No one at this point knows how huge the find is.

I asked ZEN if this was a vein deposit or vein type deposit. They told me it was VEIN.

when followed up with the following

ZEN if asked directly as to whether they have 3rd party verification that this is a vein deposit backs off and apologizes and says no it is "vein type".

Exact words: My apologies its vein type.

Does not mean that the outcome will be negative it just means that the Company can not under Canadian law make statements about a property that can not be backed up by 3rd party verification. 

Simply put they have taken some liberties in describing their property.

And anyone that is invested has either realized a profit or they have unrealized gains as the stock price has performed nicely. For my tolerance I need to see a NI43-101 which means I will not make as much as some have and I will no doubt have a higher cost base but I should still be able to make a profit.

Good luck to you.