99.9% is beyond my wildest hopes.  I wish Aubrey had spelled out the margins better than he did in the PR.  However, from conversations, and what he has said in the PR, Using petroleum coke to produce ultra high purity generally cost up to $5k per ton.  Zenyatta will be considerably less, ie more like $2500/ton.  The median price range quoted in the PR is 25k ($20-30k).  So if we assume a max cost of $5k and a min value of $20k we have a minimum of $15k profit per ton.  I believe that GIL author put a conservative estimate of 10 to 16 million tons together.  

Like I said, the results are simply spectacular.  We now know the

  1. fully diluted # of shares that will be outstanding
  2. The general value of each ton produced (20k) Low end
  3. The general cost per ton to produce (5k) high end

All that remains is how many tons of Vein graphite sits within the 1400m long X 800m wide by 500m depth anomoly.

Congrats to all the folks who did thier DD and held on.  Knowledge is an extremely valuable asset.

Chief I think your $2.5 a share may be conservative in the extreme.  Time will tell.