This is amazing news. Far better then all of us were expecting. We expect that there will be some capping between 1.20-140 for the next couple of days as some warrant holders may short the pop so they can lock in a price for their $1.00 warrants. This will create a churn and a bit of an overhead from 1.20 to 1.45

We think we can reach 1.40-1.45 by end of week and by that time we should have churned through the 11million warrants, or close too it. After that we see nothing but blue sky. 

We have raised our target from 1.45 to $2.50 on this stock. As the size of this project is defines, we see no reason why this stock will not eventually reach $5.00 and eventually surpass that. 

However one stage at a time. We now have a 6 month target of $5.00 as of today.