Hi Osgoode14...Don't know where this purity number of 99.5% came from but it was not Aubrey's magic number!. He is quite willing to "target 99%" purity. It seems that with the unique chacteristics of VEIN graphite 99% is all that is required to begin taking market share away from synthetic graphite producers. From memory only...I seem to recall that the price for this type of product starts at about $7K/ton.As purity levels rise from that point on, so does the price per ton rise as well. Topping out at the staggering valuations of $20K/Ton for ultra-high purity VEIN graphite (Thats the part where Western Rookie can't understand!) As far as broker/brokerage house games go...it doesn't take a genious to figure out that a couple of brokers sitting over a beer or two on a Friday Night down at a Bay St bar can't find a simple way of squeazing a small company or two with the use of the Anon. House.and thier own accounts These people are ruthless and as crime goes where there is a will there is a way. PLEASE, PLEASE  Never beleive that IROC is there and will protect your intrests . YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN OUT THERE!. SWIMMING WITH SHARKS - PAUL