I just don;t believe that any brokerage house is going to sell their stock to knock the price down, nor persue the management for a PP just to get cheap stock.  I do like what the Chief says about the potential of Zen, but I just can't agree with his total take on the so called manipulation. If it even appeared that this sort of thing was going on , they would be found out and prosecuted.  Another thing... I don;t think any borker could even short this stock.

Thats fine. I have been doing this almost fulltime since 1989. I have picked up on a few things in my time. I know my stuff, you can take what I have to say, or leave it. Its really irrelevant I suppose in the end. I could list of numerous things about brokerages, their floors of traders, and the way they treat their own clients that would scare you off. But again, it serves no purpose in the end.

The fact that you think a brokerage could not short this stock is somewhat disturbing you shoud spend a little more time learning more about the structure of our system in Canada. How long it is between reporting periods for reporting shorts and what can be done in those 15 days.  Things that can be considered illegal but fit through the loopholes of trading for the firm or the their clients.

Anyway, lets hope things go well next week.