Just back. Have read WR post. A couple of things. You can't configure a pit design before a ore body has been infill drilled. Also it is comparing apples and oranges with flake graphite and vein graphite. I don't think he has grasped the profound mineralogical differences between flake and vein style graphite. If the purity comes in above 99.2% it will upend a good portion of the synthetic graphite market. Above 99.5% the company will begin to get huge dollars per ton. I am praying for 99.5%! My broker just bought this stock today he went on the stockhouse bullboard but cannot post. He said to pass this on to CBS, Threshold, Muffin and the Chief. A few words from someone who is actually in the investment business. It is clear that none of you have actually worked in the investment business in the last ten years in Canada. Number one all four of you could easily sound authoritative but you can't imagine how completely wrong you are about the mechanical realities of trading TSXV stocks in 2013. Number two if there is shorting it must be declared and basically there has been no shorting in this stock by pro or amateur. When a PP is announced it's public and a range of people will sell both because it is a dilutive event and because it might be possible to get a unit that would include a warrant. The selling would not be limited to brokers but it would be across the spectrum. What is implied is that investment houses and brokers are able in 2013 to manpulate stock prices. Let's follow this through mechanically to it's logical conclusion. Investment house pro's would first have to have a positon in the stock (for a pro to have a large position in this for more than a few days would be highly unusual) then before any formal announcement of a PP you are suggesting that he would then call other pros and convince them to sell there positions even when a news announcement is pending and there has been no formal announcement of a private placement. He would succesfully find other pros who would have material position in this name and who would be willing to collude on illegally manipulating the stock price and who would then succesfully convince the company to do a PP with them when one has not been formally announced. In 2013. There isn't a 1% chance of that taking place. From the Chiefs post of 12:23 PM is completely mistaken, wrong and I will go through it. First of all there is no market maker in size on this name. He must be thinking of the old over the counter days. Which ended fully ten years ago. Second as far as anoymous goes he say's wash trading and spoofing bids are impossible to catch, that is completely false. Wash trading and soft bids and offers can been seen instantly by first IROC surveillance and secondly by in house compliance. IROC is on to spoof bids and you take your life into your hands if you do it regularly because they consider it market manipulation. He talks about "they" the classic conspiracy "they" in his post. And "they" wouldn't give this one second of interest because it would mean losing there license and dealing with compliance the very next morning. You guys are seeing ghosts when it comes to explaining price action. You have congregated around a mining story which has breathtaking promise. You are clearly really smart but try to concede your limitations when you don't have a clue about what you're talking about. (Surveillance, Compliance, Conspiracies, Market Manipulation.)