Re: TTC...  I read this write-up  and I find it hard to believe that Brokerage houses would resort to this kind of action... or why it would even be legal and allowed.  There is so much to-do about compliance and all.. governing the way individuals trade ... that you would think that there should be some compliance reguarding these Brokers...I must be considered very Naive by most of you traders.... ,but , tell me do you think this is Right.?

Ahhhhhhhh yes lol ! Just as you will find that after a company is forced to PP because their stock is going nowhere. Suddenly the collusion of many disappears and now the MM is fighting fair market forces.

Its an old boys club. They will walk on a stock until the CEO breaks down and does a PP with one of them, any of them. Then they back off. When the others see the PP message they then stop whackin it. Why do you think they wanted House 01 Anonymous? They say they wanted to accumulate a stock annonymously. Barb Stymeist fixed up here friends and approved it. Since then that house has been used for wash trading, for spoofing bids and offers  etc. It cannot be proved of course, thats why they wanted 01. But its easy to see in market depth if you know what to look for. Totally illegal and totally inpossible to catch.