For those with stop losses on their holdings ...shame on you for bailing out @ .80 cents

Congrats to those who were savvy enough to scoop up those shares..( you got a great deal)

  News has not even been released yet, but there are still lots of people (sellers) allowing trading of this company to continue to be manipulated by traders that are surely much smarter than yourself. The difference between the both of you are they are buying because they have an agenda...My question to you as a seller would be, why are you selling now? If your going to sell, you better know what sort of purity your dealing with because regrettably selling at these lowball numbers could be a real big mistake. ..I have not sold a single share in over 1 year, and I won't. until I know what the heck is in the ground...but I know one thing, this stock offers incredible value at these price levels...and news will be coming very soon for those with a little patience.

May future endeavors bring riches beyond your wildest dreams