Agree. But no matter how look at RIMs or now BB new blackberry the market always succumbs to institutional manipulators  and M and M's. Stock manipulated up by institutions and then shorted on the showing.  One only has to watch the selling Iceberg orders on "low volume" by Anonymous to realize that is what is going on.

The difference is, there are lots of cellphone makers  we are a "one of" deposit so far. That is not to say that in the future other deposits may not be found but, we are unique and no matter what you read on this board be assured of one thing.Flakers CANNOT compete in the synthetic Graphite market no matter how pure they are.

Its physically and electrically totally incompatible with the majority of the synthetic market usages. So ignore anyone that pretends to know Vein, they do not. 

I will be honest with people here, if I sell a share. I have not, I added this morning and will be adding this afternoon. I am putting my money where my mouth is!