a different perspective on EC and the way I played it. I started buying at 12 cents and posted that buy in real time chat for all to see. i also posted subsequent buys.  I pounded the table on it to over 30 cents. TCC members made out very well on that play.

it was a contiguous area play to the famed ARU gold discovery in Ecuador, and the only viable area play at that.

previous management had pretty much destroyed the company by drilling out a restricted pipe at another Ecuadorian property, and milking the market as per usual.

new management came in and cleaned things up prior to starting to explore this new prop next to ARU.

only Rookies hold onto a stock that has run up 10 fold and are about to release their initial drill results.

I don't know why WR has such a woody for me cause if you read back on his SI graphite "blog" (it's not a blog, it's a message board), you'll see that I have pretty much avoided confrontation with him.

So, I'll just sit back now and reflect on the fact that he has in the past accused me of illegal activities and start to wonder if I should be talking to a lawyer about any of this.