I must admit I am getting a little concerned. We have traded 3M+ shares since we had the latest move up the the $1 area. I suspect that everyone that owns this stock is aware of the unique aspects of this opportunity, in particular the high grade, vein type nature of the discovery. It is also very clear based on previous news releases and discussions on this board that we are awaiting purity results and been expecting such since Oct. I think we can all agree that a reasonable amount of time has now elapsed since the "refining" of the beneficiation process began. I am sure that it is nothing more than profit taking but the stock is well offered at $1 plus. Why would this be with so much potential and significant news coming in the very short term.

I have full confidence in Aubrey and his team and still believe that we will get to the 99.5%+ but I don't like to see the number of sellers with the quantity of shares being offloaded here.

I have still not sold a share but may consider lightening up a little. The market is often wrong but I can't close my eyes to what is happening in here at these levels.