Engaging the local academic community to work with ZEN on the vein graphite is a smart move in my opinion. I don't see it as a "backup" move, I see it as a strategic move, a thinking ahead move if you like.

There is a lot of academic graphite based research going on worldwide, aside from the commercial research. When commercial research results in significant discoveries, that research information is kept within the commercial entity so that they can profit from it.

The academic community tends to be more open with their research, and more willing to share ideas, methods, concepts and discoveries with each other.

Since vein graphite is so very rare, this developing situation really has no downside for Zenyatta imo.

That is why I'd like to see ZEN take another bulk sample of their vein graphite, and send some off to several of the leading graphite/graphene academic researchers on the globe.

Those of us who have really dug into the difference of vein from flake know that vein has a different molecular structure from flake. Who knows what could be discovered in the near to mid term.

As it is vein sells for multiples of high quality flake, and is a freak of nature. Perhaps one day in the future vein is selling by the pound or the ounce rather than by the ton.