Thank you for all of your support in our first full year publishing the GIL in 2012. I truly believe several of our key recommendations will bear much fruit in the year ahead, including $2,000 plus gold and $50 plus silver prices being breached during the calendar year. 2012 was one of the most brutal markets for mining stocks in recorded history, so, I feel odds are greatly in favor of better overall performance in 2013. Despite these circumstances, our top pick Zenyatta Ventures, was up 238% for the year and the #4 best performing stock on the TSX: As ZEN moves forward with drilling on the Albany deposit, and bullish investors begin to gravitate back to the graphite sector, I believe ZEN could potentially take the number 1 spot in '13 with a multi dollar move higher.

I will have an update on all of our free recommendations in detail in the second week of January via our next full free e-letter issue as well. Stay tuned...


Eric Muschinski
Gold Investment Letter