individuals cannot overcome that. be patient. it'll be overcome with a string of positive news releases. this stock has huge potential but the market is not in speculation mode at the moment.

now that we have 100% ownership, the purity news will have more impact. you can tell by the trading that no one really wants to sell much, and those that do put up large asks just get chewed down.

don't get too caught up in which house is doing the buying or selling as all the large players in the market can run their orders thru mulitple accounts at multiple brokerage houses. that process is called jitneying.

one of the favorite tricks is to cross out the bids feigning weakness in the stock. ie: TD sells into a TD bid. net position difference is zero. the seller makes it look like the bid is getting hit, but they are not losing any shares as they are just selling to themselves. you can work a stock a long way down by doing that. if they jitney in this manner no one can tell what they are up to.