with responses when they show up on here to attack. i know it's tempting and i get caught up in it at times myself. if you just take 30 secs of your time you can click on his screen name and read thru the 6 pages of bashing he has posted since joining SH a few days ago. he's just a big mouth with a keyboard in front of it.

i am surprised we have not had more trolls on here by now. remember that brokerage firm employees, hedge fund gangs and groups of pro traders can post anonymously on SH.

they will collude with each other to try to drive the retail holders out of a stock, by executing a bashing campaign on the SH message board of the stock they wish to accumulate at a lower price. i've been on SH since 1999 and have seen this a thousand times or more.

sound like a conspiracy theory? not a chance. you'd better learn to think like a crook if you want to get rich on the stock market. big money is the predator and retail investors are the prey. the prey in Canada are found in their largest concentration on Stockhouse. if you think they don't hunt here, you are not facing reality.

here's an example of how blatant it can get, and how bold the perpetrators are...


shares are hard to get without pushing up the price of ZEN's stock. it's obviously being capped at this level, and that is just the way the Venture works. so do not be surprised if more trolls emerge in the coming days and weeks.