Things have changed substantially with this company since the initial IPO issue price of .60 cents. This is not the same company that was described in the initial prospectus. The stock has traded all the way down from the IPO price to less than 15 cents. Initial owners have had plenty of time to unload their  shares or buy back at lower pricing.  The argument that there is a "wall of worry" or "this is resistance" is likely fabricated..@ .60 cents...

   The reality here is pretty simple, If the company can maintain a substantial ownership of the Albany project, add to the purity of the initial deposit, and continue to drill and expand the size of the deposit,..60 cents a share will be just a a matter of fact I believe the share price will likely rise to north of a dollar once the final ownership is resolved and the market has a clear understanding of what ZEN owns. This isn't rocket science, but sometimes reading the posts here I feel like Ann Landers...Patience is a virtue folks...Zen is a bargain in a worst case scenario, at todays pricing...mark my words

Our day in the spotlight will eventually come ..

May future endeavors bring riches beyond your wildest dreams