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Zenyatta Ventures Inc V.ZEN

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals

Zenyatta Ventures Ltd is a Thunder Bay, Ontario based junior exploration company currently exploring for copper-nickel-PGM deposits in Northern Ontario.
Price: $1.96 | Change: $-0.06 | %Change: -2.97%
Volume: 258,162 | Day High/Low: 2.05/1.93 | 52 Week High/Low: 5.00/1.80

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4 stars

A ba-zillion veins.... yes a ba-zillion

what would you do with a ba-zillion veins...  awesome document from zen!!! http://www.zenyatta.ca/upload/documents/albany-prelim-genetic-model-5-images.pdf  rate and reply
4.5 stars

RockeTurd, didnt u suggest everyone "back up

the truck" at $2.80 ? ya it was you doucje-bag-cucktail drinker. you and the p.o.s EARS1010  rate and reply
0 stars


he's like a fly you can't get rid of...lmao  rate and reply
5 stars


Always faithful To Zen..  rate and reply
5 stars

RE:I want an answer A$$

just put him on ignore...we shouldn't feed the animals around here...  rate and reply
5 stars

RE:RE:Cliffs cross

I don't expect it lower then 2.10 for sure...but it will change the way this stock trades...  rate and reply
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I want an answer A$$

Why are you here???  rate and reply
5 stars

Just remember

If you knew someone had to sell wouldn't you wait till you got the best price of purchase I would.  rate and reply
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I say Big Wimp, Bigger Whip and followed by Super Wimp. Enjoy Freedom Until you have to Fight for it.. PTSD, How much can I own of that stock?  rate and reply
5 stars

RE:Cliffs cross

vette2009 wrote: So is there a cross in the air??? another 1 million at 2.10...or higher since Cliffs doesn't want to give it away...shortie could get fried big time...fry shortie fry...lmao I've been...read more
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RE:This is to my friends in the north

Man..a few nuts out tonight. Where are the rest?  rate and reply
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This is to my friends in the north

This is going to awsome all the bs is going to be laid to rest. Beers on the beach and the girls from ipemema. IMHO Tay  rate and reply
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I WANT YOUR AUTOGRAPH. hEEEE  rate and reply
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RE:Nut, To Save your Big Cowardly A$$

Just a reminder Hannibal Sky. The war is over. Relax. PTSD...This may not be the best BB place for you.  rate and reply
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  rate and reply
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Nut, To Save your Big Cowardly A$$

You Don't Know what I did punk. If You have the title of your name then I suggest You live it. Life is not a Video game kid. I lived Your game. Big Boy 147 tag him and bag him. I Served your parents...read more
5 stars

Cliffs cross

So is there a cross in the air??? another 1 million at 2.10...or higher since Cliffs doesn't want to give it away...shortie could get fried big time...fry shortie fry...lmao  rate and reply
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RE:Big boy

Man you know what. You are one creepy nut.  rate and reply
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Big boy

No loss here, only an arm, leg, teeth and eye. I can still whip it. This stock rolls. As a gentleman I would never want to meet you in person. I served. Did you?  rate and reply
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RE:Come Back Big Boy.." Come Back"

Hannibal Sky...now you are making no sense at all. Are you drinking and drowning your sorrows? Losses tend to cause that for you I guess. OK..enough play time for me today. Sign off...and see you...read more