Me jealous? You betcha I'm jealous! With the Pacific Media and USA Studio deals, Yangaroo sales will likely pass that of my favorite company in the world during this current quarter. To make matters worse, the Horizon account is still growing and Emmy Award contract will hit big from 2014. God only knows what else may be lurking around the corner with new contracts.


Me afraid? You betcha I'm afraid! I would never have the guts to go after Goliaths like Digital Generation and Extreme Reach.  It's very tough to get off the starting blocks with distributing ads for huge corporations. But now I know once you get some bites here and there, a contagion begins. There's no YOO-turn now. 


Me angry? You betcha I'm angry. I feel like knocking my head on the wall! I sick of people asking me on the phone, "How did you let this market niche and that market niche get away?"


Me in denial? You betcha I'm in denial. I'm trying my hardest to convince myself that Yangaroo will run out of cash. Of course, this doesn't make any sense since funding is much easier for a company making big strides as opposed to a dead end company. Plus, I bet the YOO insiders have enough for a bridge loan to profitability, if that's necessary. Afterall, the insiders have already proven to have "skin in the game."


Me obsessed? You betcha I'm obsessed. These guys who think big make me look like a peon. That's what I get for thinking small. Now where did I put my microscope?