I've been watching now and then, but was not going to put my toe in until I was sure the wall of selling was going to stop. I'm going to wait a few more days and see where YOO is at. I think the selling might be done.A few points:


- I believe YOO is definitely getting hurt by the "ABM" (anything but mining) market. Guys are getting hurt badly in mining and something like YOO, that is a trader, is gonna be a "go to" source of funds when they can't find a bid with their mining stocks.


- YOO has their year-end next month. That is always a potent time for things to happen. Companies, like guys training for a boxing match, can't always be "peaking."


- YOO has a bit of a 2 1/2 cent to 5 1/2 cent cycle. Just when it looks like it will break on through, walls of sellers come in. Hopefully the YOO guys have some things of a fundamental nature that will put some of the 'deal fatigue' shares in new hands.


- Re the above, I don't know what it's gonna take to get over the hump, but at these prices, with the YOO pattern - and with the fact this is an ABM stock, I like it here. But - I am going to watch it for a few days.