Dark One,


I think the YOO world is experiencing its own coriolis effect for the first time in its history. I see more rays of light than ever.


The link in which I posted makes no mention of any kind of exclusitivity. I wouldn't draw that conclusion. But it does broaden exposure for DMDS for advertising to USA Studio's current and prospective clients and may allow for a competitive advantage by coupling distribution of the ads to TV (what we do) with the fine reputation of USA Studio's post-production work -- judging by its customer list.


If YOO were a larger company, USA Studios would have made a good fit for an acquisition target. But we are not large. So Gary Moss did what he could with his resource level, and that is a partnership agreement. This, in effect, provides the same offering to the clients as would an acquisition.  I call this a customer-centric approach, a vital ingredient for aggressive growth.