DarkEnergy, you make some good points - but they are not all correct. YOO is not a secret on Bay Street. Remember, there has been tens of millions of dollars sunk into it over a long period and if you looked at the chart from its inception over ten years ago until now, it would look pretty darn ugly. That being said, the DD on my blog and the NRs show that YOO is well on its way - and just wait until real progress on the  advertising side kicks in.


The NRs have been excellent, but the boys on Bay Street need some real numbers to chew on. Doubtless, quite a few of them have such deal fatigue that the numbers will have to be very good for them to reach for a blue ticket.


If McGlovin is upset by today, that's fine - but his shot re me holds zero water. I am not in this for the short term. In order to start getting the big win I believe I am going to get on YOO, it will take more time for the "hockey stick" to do its work. We need the break-even quarter - and then successive quarters of growing revenue. In my educated opinion (and I have done extensive DD, so I can say this), it's already happening.