Do you realise that two years ago when you goggled DG, Extreme Reach & Yangaroo together you got swat Yangaroo was not part of the advertising pictures.

When I goggled it this week there we are all over the place even in DG’s Q disclosed as a competitor.

   Not including Internet ads others over 400 million dollars in delivery service billed in North America alone in which DG has dominated up till now,

The short term plan is to capture 10% of that market in the next 2 to 4 years, fix the balance sheet make some acquisitions along the way and there the SP will reflect the value of the company that’s what I came away from the last meeting with.

The day that this company was going to hit the ultimate home run is gone mow we must grind it out with stolen bases and singles.

And that's ok by me,

Down the road will all be kicking ourselves in the a$$ because we didn't buy more.