Who have you used? What'd you think?

It's now been over a year since that thread was started. Wondering if the Cow community thinks the landscape has changed since then.

What vendors do people use for digital delivery? Or do they use homebrew solutions? What is it costing people to send SD and HD spots?

The number of vendors has definitely exploded. Used to be just DG. Then DG and ExtremeReach. Now I easily get to over a dozen.

1) DG (formerly DG Fastchannel) for short form / Pathfire for long form syndicated
2) Extreme Reach
3) Hula Media Exhange
4) SpotGenie
5) Yangaroo / Horizon Media
6) PitchBlue (for long-form syndicated content, not spots)
7) EZ-Spot (from On The Spot Networks)
8) Adstream
9) YouSendIt
10) Digital Rapids
11) RapidTransmit
12) Spot Traffic
13) Centaur Storage
14) Signiant

That kind of explosion in service providers has got to lead to lower prices and (hopefully) better service options. Is that what folks are seeing?