DarkEnergy, I introduced YOO to my jimrockford blog on Nov 28th (ie. 8 weeks ago), as I really liked the story - and loved the valuation. As 2 weeks are traditionally dead iin the markets over the holidays, we can say that it has really only traded 6 weeks since the blog. In that time it has traded over 9 million shares - or 1.5 million a week. That means it is has traded an average of (very) roughly 300k a day.


Re the above, you are right, YOO has been at a "discount" a long, long time. What YOO need to do is continue the cycling of shares from old, weak hands into new, strong hands. Seeing as they keep coming up with NRs, the "deal fatigue" is guaranteed to stop at some point - and the SP will leg up.