Gambler*, I won't give a target SP for YOO, as there are so many factors involved, both on a micro scale (possible share buy-backs, etc., etc.), and on a macro scale (whether Barack can talk the nihilistic Congress off the ledge...again). I will mention, though, a comparable I made in my December 18, 2012 jimrockford blog (Note: I lifted the quote directly from my blog - so the numbers mentioned relate to that date - not today's date):




"Consider YOO vs. Destiny Media (DSY on the TSX-V), a company that is somewhat in the same space:


The DSY market cap is $34.4 million. YOO’s market cap is $7.85 million.

DSY’s revenue is stagnating. YOO’s revenue is growing 20% quarterly.

DSY in Q3 2013 did $941k in revenue. YOO in Q3 2013 did $753k in revenue.

Going by the 20% growth YOO has been showing, that puts their revenue at an estimated $903k in Q4 2012 and 1.084 million for Q1 2013 – i.e. YOO should surpass DSY’s revenue in Q1 2013, if one goes by the above."