Ok, I get it, Dark. You don't trust a gypsy woman who lives in some dark village in Romania. Well, you should know that my Mad Methodology for Security Analysis does not stop there. I was extremely fortunate to meet a Mr. P. F. Chang (no relation to the restaurant chain) at the NOL Noodle Shop in China. This Mr. P.F. Chang is an expert in reading tea leaves.


"I have gift for you. Take tea leaves back to beautiful Canada," P.F. Chang said with wide open mouth smile.


"Thank you but it would take me a million years to learn how to read the tea leaves."


"Not so much problem. Cast tea leaves on floor of beautiful Canada home. Take picture. Email image to me and say what for associate with. I read message for $500 you send by PayPal."


How could I refuse? As soon as I got home, I did as P.F. Chang instructed. Here is what he had to say about the tea leaves cast on my floor.


"Soooo auspicious tea leaves. Shape of fire pit and large flame. Fire pit mean nice preparation for clean (not smokey) and long-lasting fire. I see best fire logs like happy customers, top technology, Confucius approved management and employees. Big fire mean business grow very fast like make beautiful fire. I want to invest in Yangapoo too but very difficult to China.

Best wishes from my NOL Noodle Shop.

P.F. Chang