DarkEnergy, I've done a lot of DD on Yangaroo, as I've had a lot of catch-up to do - with people like yourself having been invested for a lot longer. In saying that, I have talked to a lot of the players involved and gone back a lot of years (ie. to the beginning) in order to get a depth of insitutional and market knowledge.


I do think that there are "major contracts in the pipe" - and that they have to do with the all-important ad space. This belief comes from very strong signals the company is giving out:


- The new 'Reporter' delivery system being put in place. This will save a lot of manpower for ad agency clients and ad agencies.

- The new Chairman, Tony Miller, a hitter in the ad space, being put in place. This puts an advertising-centric face on the company.

- The hiring of the NY PR firm - and NY being the advertising capital of the world.

- The PP's being done - and the large amount of the PP's being done by insiders.

- My very educated guess is that the PP monies are targetted to ramp up actvities re generating revenue in the ad space.




Jim Rockford