Sorry guys - Over The Top:

Mad I watched a short clip on the seed vaults, I guess the question is why up there, and why now?  One possible answer is Jupiter sling shotting small moons from the astroid belt into the inner orbits, and given we have a mass extinction event every 250M years we are overdue.

Re Gold bubble, only 2 points. No amount of charting bubbles is valid if a market is manipulated...period!  Read up on the Silver manipulation inestigation, CFTC chaiman Bart Chilton is on record saying the investigation is ongoing (4yrs) saying one entity (JPM) hold 35% of the short position and equal to several years of production.  Plain and simple the US Gov thru JPM does not want PMs to undermine fiat so they will do anything to keep the lid on while monetary inflation & global currency wars (Jim Rickards) inflate.  As you know, gold prices are not going up, monetary inflation sees more money chasing limited assets.  History teaches us that every manupulation ends (eg. Libor and many others) and when it does it isn't pretty.  I'd rather hold a commodity than equities or fiat at this time.

Point #2.  China is the world's largest gold producer and buyer of gold whos reserves are near 4K tonnes (US = 8K tonnes of leased metals, maybe, don't know b/c they will not allow audit). These low prices sees your American (and British) gold exported from Comex and LMBA to China who will be the worlds largest economy in ~5 years.  While Americans fight the invented false flag enemy (Bin Laden et al) and spend $T they don't have China is slowly assuming key global assets with the $3T USTB.  That old relic that's been reliable money for 5K years will be yet again because politicians do not learn from history and do what ever it takes to satisfy their lust for power and money.  Give a politician enough rope --- the outcome is always the same, thank god!