Sorry Mad, cant debunk your link it's a dud.

In respect of $Trillions scandalized thru Lie-bor manipulation and absolutely no jail time for the Bansters ( I know why, a lawsuit would reveal global corruption and crash the banking system, so they settle for fines and NO JAIL TIME); the super computers and algos that trade 80% of all market volume and their tell tale flash crashes, HSBC $2B penalty for washing drug cartel money; the UBS $1.2B penatly for Lie-bor, Nobel peace prize for a president who has a secret drone kill list; Nobel peace prize for the EU for (laugh my **** off) for taking Greace, Italy, and Spain to economic suicide; and, the list goes on as the whole POS is corrupt and pointless to discuss b/c 99% are totally clueless and the TBTF banks continue to recieve $1 Trillion FED dollars/Yr to freely gamble in the markets.  No it isn't corrupt, it's far beyond that it will ruin the global economy when the piper shuts down the printing press.  When that happens your paper will be Weimark republic.

On the bright side we await more good news for YOO and look forward to the IR/PR firm to get the name out and out and promote them.  Good results are one thing, but granering interest and PPS is another.