Today's NR was excellent and it should help Yangaroo greatly, both in scalability and revenue increases. And for anyone who didn't think that YOO could move into the black in the next quarter, the endorsement of the new "game-changing" technology by Horizon should give them pause.


YOO normally should have had a nice leg up today. YOO, though, has over a million odd shares for sale in the 5 to 5 1/2 cent range. This "wall" definitely impedes buyers and is blocking stock movement.


The "wall" is what it is though - and all companies trade differently. In the case of YOO, it's my considered opinion that fundamentals / material changes (ie. in technology, customer base and revenue momentum, etc.) make today's valuation considerably lower than it deserves to be. That means, IMHO, that the next SP leg up will be considerably more dramatic than it might otherwise have been. That move, I believe, is inevitable - and coming fast.