What's important about the content of today's news release is not that you or I like it, but that a very big client (Horizon Media) likes it.


"YANGAROO has an innovative and seamless solution with 'Reporter'," said Mike Aiello, SVP, Managing Director Shared Services at Horizon Media, the largest independent media buying service in the world. "We are always looking to provide our clients with efficient and flawless execution. 'Reporter' provides access to real-time reporting, confirmation that spots and instructions have been properly received and is an exciting new system we can offer our clients.


Revenue growth will not just come from business from new clients but also deeper penetration with existing clients. Were the company to fail to gain new clients (extremely unlikely),  the company has plenty of room for growth only through Horizon Media and MTV Networks. In the latter case, that would be via international markets.


All in my not-so-humble but mad opinion.