I can see where monies is coming from and that could be the scenario that plays out. However, if they close some deals between now and the end of April that will add to the bottom line I could see some news releases coming out. Or at least the data will leak out one way or another and be reflected in the share price. That could also play out. We may never see a price much below 5c again. As far as selling after the 4 month hold period to take advantage of the huge profits made, that would be quite an acheivement considering they  bought at 5c which is today's share price.

I see YOO getting more solvent every quarter which is what really counts. If they manage to narrow the gap on revenues and expenses but still produce a loss in Q4 that would be OK as long as they get to break even before they need another financing. I would like to see the revenues rise by about 20% in Q4 without costs rising much. I think this stock will be a lot more pleasant to own if it starts making money.