I think the company should reach certain milestones before aggressively promoting the stock. One of these milestones is profitability. Another is demonstrating continuous high quarterly revenue growth rates of 20%+. 


Secondly, if annual revenue is less than $10 million, many funds/investors don't care that your company is profitable or is experiencing high growth rates. In their eyes, you're still a pipsqueak operation. I'm not projecting annual revenue in excess of $10 million until 2014. 


Also, you've got to consider that Bay Street remembers how Cormark got burned the last time big sales projections were made. It's very difficult to successfully promote a stock based on big projections twice around. 


I take comfort in knowing the company publicly stated that it believes enough cash has been raised to reach profitability, that the insiders invested an unprecedented $375K, and that the lenders decreased the interest rate from 18% to 14% while extending the repayment date for additional 3 years. This speaks volume of management's and the lenders' confidence that we are headed in the right direction. I just think it's going to take a few years to build the company to the point of becoming an attractive acquisition target.