Monies, I listened to on analyst on BNN last week prior to the FED's announcment.  He sasid PMs would be moving over the next 4 to 8 months.  His main reason was tightness in the physical market.  Some large buyers waited 2 to 3 months for their physical, and the PMs were recently made/mined.  Similar stories from Sprott. Also some rumors about whistle blowers coming forward implicating JPM in COMEX manipulation.  They hold some $286 Billion in short postions, which is 7 times annual production in Ag.  CFTC is bought what's new..

I know nothing about rare earth metals other than China owns the market and is cutting off supply and using it domestically.  Sounds like a good move if you ave a solid copany with a good plan & strong mgt team.  Good luck and keep the dialogue going!