Appreciate your comments Mad --

Was there any reference in the MDA about new leadership taking the company to the next level?  It appears this organic team needs a pat on the back and the company needs new leadership to take the it to the next level.  Someone once said the market is always right.  At 3.5 cents the market has spoken - No Confidence!  We are stuck with Mediocrity yet again.  Although they deserve a pat on the back for weathering the storm, YOO needs to realize this is a Public company and it needs fresh ideas and someone connected to make this company fly in the ad business (biggest opportunity).  40% ad growth is okay if the profitability target in 2 or 3 years.  However, when compared to the half $Billion dollar ad business opportunity out there - it simply falls short.  The business plan is more of the same and lacks leadership ideals and deal making clout.  Can we all afford to sit around for another decade and wait - certainly not!  Eventually the debentures will have to be paid back.  Debentures, interest, warrants and options are all dead wood overhang risk which must be removed before we see any sustained PPS movement.  As investors we have only one success indicator - Price Per Share Value!!!


Where do you stand? Non insulting constructive comments are welcome.  Am I expecting too much?  Am I out in left field, does anyone else out there agree with me.  Let's get the juices flowing again on this board.